Fall Escondido Renaissance Faire
With a Pirate Flair
October 27th & 28th and November 3rd & 4th, 2018
10am to 6pm daily

Welcome to the 19th annual visit of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Gloriana, to the Shire of Escondido. She has come to pay us a visit, and invites you to come join with her!  To pay homage to Her Majesty, the faire is filled with vendors of strange and fascinating wares, lively entertainers, and the encampments of the many Guilds who are visiting our beautiful village.
Spring 2018 Participants

Blue Lotus Dance Co.
Capt. Jack
Clan Darksail
​De Gekkevlek
A Fool and his Family
​Gallows Humor
Manis O'Toole
Her Majesty's Minstrel Cycle

​World Joust Knights
Tournament of Horse


An Added Touch
Artistic Design
Avalon Rings
Baron's Beauties
Blackbeard's Landing
C&T Global Enterprises
The Cloak Drummer Co.
Dancing Dragon Studios
Dr. Neon
Dragon Bubble
Dream Lizard
Eclectics Creations
Enchanted Realms
Family Farms
Fay Grove
Funny Business
Gold River Costumes
Govannonis Forge
Hearts Delight
Kisses for Ever
Krista Stitchery
Laced Up Corsetry
Mystical Cove
Octavianna Corsetry
Pirate Life
Point Loma Psychic
Rae Wolf Designs
Rakish Regalia
Rebecca's Massage
Rock your World
The Surly Herbalist
Topanga's Finest
Unicornicopia Jewelry
Wolf Den Emporium


​Archers of Ravenwood
The Belligerents of Mohi
Black Spot Pyracy
Brothers of the Sampo
Clan Darksail
Clan MacGowan
Compaignye du Wolf Crymesyn
The Doggy Rogger
Guardians of Midgard
Guild of Saint Olaf
I'm With Fish
Knotty Nette's
Laughing Dragon
Muscovy Company
Nomad Guild
Pirates of Treasure Cove
Quivering Feather
Rogues of Avalon
Romale Strigoi
Sea Wolf
​Shadow Kindred
​Shadow Walkers
St. Kathrine's
​Tuatha De Danann
Tusk and Tail
The Wild

Fyne Dining

Fries Galore
Gyros House
Happy Shaved Ice
Mariposa Ice Cream
Moonglade Brews
Oscar's Meat Pie Shack
Solvang Brewery
Temple Siam
Tempting Tarts